Brooklyn Financial Collections provides persistent financial credit restoration services to creditors and consumers. Brooklyn Financial Collections is focused on building solid relationships.

Brooklyn Financial Collections offers comprehensive, secure services for managing debt collection portfolios.

With more than 10 years of experience in the collections and financial industries, the owner’s passion for the business led him to launching his own company. His vision: a company that focused on building solid relationships and providing competent debt collection strategies and services.

With the issues that business’ face in today’s market, Brooklyn Financial Collections knows the importance of being able to collect on receivables without compromising reputation. That’s why everything we do is committed to maintaining a good relationship between you and your customer, while employing efficiency throughout the collections process.

By working to achieve set goals for each client, we strive to bring each account to a Paid-In-Full status. Our excellent customer service skills and respect for the creditor means we truly implement our company motto: We successfully collect tough with a soft touch. There is no competition.  Most of all, we are educated in and stand by the laws that govern collection agencies, FDCPA (the Fair Debt Collections Act).

We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by dismissing the gimmicks: the “no recover-no fee services” or “charge-off options.” Some even list state-of-the-art technology as a means to successful collecting. The bottom line is, successful collecting is about using latest technology and offering a variety of options, while incorporating a balance of customer retention strategies and a resilient approach.

Let us start working for you today.